Devildriver gibt neues Lineup bekannt
Devildriver gibt neues Lineup bekannt
20. Juli 2022
RROYCE - Neues Album am 19- August
RROYCE – Neues Album am 19- August
21. Juli 2022

Crossfaith mit EU-Tourdaten

© Crossfaith Atlas Of Faith World Tour UK / Europe

© Crossfaith Atlas Of Faith World Tour UK / Europe

Die japanische Band Crossfaith haben ihre EU-Tourdaten für die kommende “Atlas Of Faith World Tour” bekannt gegeben. Damit feiern sie das 15-jährige Bestehen der Band.

Kenta “Ken” Koie sagt zur Tour folgendes: “We just got back from festival run in Europe and had such a great time out there. As promised, we’ll be returning back to UK & Europe and this will be our first headline tour since COVID. I know that you guys have been waiting for it just like us so we are very excited to celebrate our 15th anniversary with all of you! We will play new songs and older songs as well, make sure to follow our discography and get sweaty with us! See you in the pit!“.

Kenta schrieb aber auch eine Message zum Weggang von Tama und hieß Daiki willkommen:

„I wrote something so please read it.
Tama-san stood with us on stage as our support guitarist for 8 years starting in 2014. Not just in Japan but he toured the world with us, made the same experiences and we shared a lot of time together.
It was not just that this man supported supported our sound.
We partied together and did a lot of stupid things. He never looked displeased when I told him my worries or asked him for advice and there are also songs that could not have been completed without him being there at the recording. This Tama-san surpassed being just a support guitarist, he was an artist, a friend and a kind older brother.
I’m am so so thankful to Tama-san who devoted himself to our activities for this long period of 8 years.
If I were to look back on all the memories I have of Tama-san, I could make a whole book out if it, so we will keep those memories in our hearts.
And starting with tomorrow’s show at Namba Hatch, Daiki (ex. Her Name in Blood) will stir up our sound as our new support guitarist.
Daiki is my friend for more than 10 years, and he is a friend with whom I have performed many shows together since a long time ago. We have been talking with him because we believe there is no one better suited for the job than him.
We have rehearsed many times and the groove is already maxed out, so please look forward to it.
Finally, I hope you will support Tama and Daiki’s future activities as much as we do.
Our bond with Tama-san will continue forever
Our mood is like let’s go to have a BBQ together next month! so you don’t need to worry.“

29th Milan (IT) Legend Club
30th Munich (DE) Backstage
31st Zurich (CH) Dynamo

02nd Stuttgart (DE) Im Wizemann
03rd Vienna (AT) Arena Wien
04th Budapest (HU) A38 Ship
05th Prague (CZ) Underdogs‘ Ballroom
07th Warsaw (PL) Klub Hydrozagadka
08th Krakow (PL) Molo
09th Leipzig (DE) Naumann’s
11th Berlin (DE) Hole 44
12th Copenhagen (DK) Pumpehuset
13th Hamburg (DE) Knust
15th Paris (FR) La Maroquinerie
17th Vosselaar (BE) Biebob Vosselaar
18th Cologne (DE) Esssigfabrik & Sensor Club
19th Eindhoven (NL) Dynamo

© Crossfaith Atlas Of Faith World Tour UK / Europe
© Crossfaith Atlas Of Faith World Tour UK / Europe
Oliver Lippert
Oliver Lippert
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