Helalyn Flowers mit Video zu “Halos”, EP kommt
18. November 2022
Babymetal veröffentlichen neue Single “Monochrome”
18. November 2022

Caliban ändern “Dystopia”-Tourpläne

© Caliban Dystopia Tour 2022

© Caliban Dystopia Tour 2022

Wie die Band in einem Statement mitteilt, muss die „Dystopia“ reduziert aber dafür nicht vollständig abgesagt werden. Von den ursprünglich 13 geplanten Shows finden jetzt „nur noch“ 6 statt. Das hat vielerlei Gründe wie Organisation, Wirtschaft und generell Hürden in den aktuellen Zeiten. Außerdem müssen aufgrund der neuen Route Annisokay abspringen, dafür kommt als Special Guest nun Ghostkid mit auf Tour.

Statement der Band:

„It is with great regret that we have been forced to reduce our DYSTOPIA European tour. We are NOT CANCELLING, we are REDUCING.

Due to a combination of organizational problems, economic reality and general obstacles in these times we need to do this in order to be able to still push through.
We planned 13 shows in 4 countries and as time progressed it became clear that we cannot go ahead like that.
BUT we definitely did NOT want CANCEL this tour therefore we discussed everything intensively and came up with this solution.
So we reduced the tour from 13 to 6 shows.

These are the new dates:

01.12.2022 Nürnberg
02.12.2022 München
03.12.2022 Köln
09.12.2022 Berlin
10.12.2022 Bremen
11.12.2022 Leipzig

The dates for these cities stay the same. We just needed to move the show in Berlin to a new location.

Also @annisokay need to get off this tour due to organizational problems that came along with the new routing.
BUT we are very happy that we still have found a very special guest for our tour with @ghostkiddo and hope that we can make up for Annisokay not appearing on this run.

We hope that it makes sense to you why we handled it like this. Still we can understand any disappointment!
Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to seeing Annisokay. Sorry to everyone who is not able to make it to one of those shows anymore.
We are very saddened by this. Of course all of the tickets will be refunded. We would be very happy to see you in another city!

We are looking forward to the 6 shows we will be playing. These are gonna be intense!!

Peace & love,
Andy, Marc, Denis and Patrick“

© Caliban Dystopia Tour 2022
© Caliban Dystopia Tour 2022
Oliver Lippert
Oliver Lippert
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