© Peach - Caged Single Promo
Peach veröffentlichen Debütsingle “Caged”
29. Dezember 2022
Vivienne Westwood ist gestorben 2
Vivienne Westwood ist gestorben
30. Dezember 2022

Theo JP veröffentlichen Single “Wash It Down”

Theo JP veröffentlichen Single “Wash It Down” 3

Die japanische Metalcore-Band Theo JP veröffentlichte kürzlich ihre neue Single namens “Wash It Down”. Der Track handelt von toxischen Partnerschaften. Die Band erzählt dazu folgendes: “This song is mainly about breaking the chain of a toxic relationship and running away from the past attached to it. During the time I wrote this song, I was in a relationship full of insecurity and suspicion. But I kept pretending everything was fine. However, deep down, I knew that the relationship was deteriorating day after day, and I was getting more depressed from sustaining the illusion of being the “perfect couple” in front of friends and family. Whenever I lost sleep at night, I told myself that by the next sunrise, I would fly away from this irreversible situation.”


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Oliver Lippert
Oliver Lippert
Schreibe schon seit Mitte der 1990er und habe seit Oktober 2020 zwei Bücher ("Kaleidoskop - Abschnitt 1 -" und "Kaleidoskop - Abschnitt 2 -") veröffentlicht.