How To Loot Brazil veröffentlichen "Happy 2 Be Angry" Lyric Video
How To Loot Brazil veröffentlichen „Happy 2 Be Angry“ Lyric Video
17. Mai 2022
© Edenbridge - Shangri-La Artwork
Edenbridge: Video zu “The Road To Shangri-La” veröffentlicht, neues Album kommt
21. Mai 2022

Arch Enemy launchen Video zu “Sunset Over The Empire”

Arch Enemy - Sunset Over The Empire (Single cover artwork by: CVSPE)

Arch Enemy - Sunset Over The Empire (Single cover artwork by: CVSPE)

Zur Single “Sunset Over The Empire” veröffentlichte die Band Arch Enemy kürzlich ihr neues Video. Am 29. Juli wird elftes Studioalbum “Deceivers” bei Century Media Records erscheinen.

Arch Enemy Gründer und Haupt-Songwriter Michael Amott sagt dazu: „Behold the ‚Sunset Over The Empire‘, the 4th single from our upcoming ‚Deceivers‘ album! This is a faster song with some manic riffs and a relentless beat that I can envision becoming a ‚hit in the pit‘! Lyrically, it’s sadly one of those that seems to ring more true with each and every passing day nowadays… ‚Words turned to war, brother fighting brother, another false truce, as the people die…‘. The accompanying video was shot in Poland with the Grupa13 team and doesn’t follow the lyrics slavishly but has a great message and vibe in its own right. Oh, and I’m stoked that we’re releasing ‚Sunset Over The Empire‘ as a limited edition physical single on 7″ vinyl!“

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Sunset Over The Empire 7″ track-listing

  1. Sunset Over The Empire
  2. The Judging Eyes
    Erschienen am 20. Mai 2022.
Oliver Lippert
Oliver Lippert
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