Apache 207 geht in Chartgeschichte ein
Apache 207 geht in Chartgeschichte ein
14. März 2023
© Fiddler's Green St. Patrick's Daze Tour 2023
Fiddler’s Green St. Patrick’s Daze Tour 2023
15. März 2023

All Else Fails mit neuem Video zu “Flesh/Excess/Wealth”

All Else Fails mit neuem Video zu “Flesh/Excess/Wealth”

Die kanadische Band All Else Fails präsentiert ihr neues Video zum Song “Flesh/Excess/Wealth”. Ihre neue EP “The Incident at Black Lake” ist auch erschienen. Die Band wird in Mexiko spielen, dazu sagt Vocalist und Gitarrist Barrett Klesko folgendes:

„It’s official, All Else Fails will be headed to the Riviera Maya in a couple of weeks to perform some select shows. We’re really excited to perform for our Mexican fans who have supported us over the years.“

Die EP ist das zehnte Studio-Release und kombiniert verschiedene Genres. Darauf zu finden sind drei eigene Stücke sowie ein Cover von “Crystal Mountain” von Death. Thematisch behandelt die Band mentale Gesundheit, dystopische Themen sowie ideologischen Faschismus.

“It’s been really interesting this time around. We started writing this in the early days of the pandemic, so we didn’t really know if or when we would get to play live again. That led to us really taking our time to write each part exactly how we wanted. After we had finished writing and tracking the main instruments (drums, guitars, bass, vocals), then we spent over a year working on the programming, samples, keyboards, and production elements. We basically wrote a second album over top of the first one, it was kind of like writing a score to our own album. In two years, we are happy to say that we made no sacrifices anywhere on this release.”

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Music Video – I, Defiler

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Music Video – Devour the Sun ft. Seedy Mitchell

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Music Video Crystal Mountain (Death Cover)

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Tour Dates:​
March 16 – Route 666 – Cancun, MX
March 17 – Taqueria Coapenitos (AEF taco hangout with fans)
March 18 – No Mames MetalFest – Tony B’s – Cozumel, MX
March 19 – Private Event – Cozumel, MX
March 20 – Diego’s Cozumel, MX (AEF taco hangout with fans)
March 21 – El Pezcozon (AEF taco hangout with fans)
March 22 – Sereno Rooftop (AEF taco hangout with fans)

Track Listing:​

  1. I, Defiler (5:48)
  2. Devour the Sun (8:24) ft. Seedy Mitchell
  3. Flesh/Excess /Wealth (5:36)
  4. Crystal Mountain (5:19)
    EP Length: 25:09

All Else Fails is:
Barrett Klesko – Vocals, Guitar
John Saturley – Guitar
Coco Lee – Bass, Vocals
Nelson Collins-Lee – Drums

Facebook.com/AllElseFailsCanada | Instagram.com/allelsefailscanada

Oliver Lippert
Oliver Lippert
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