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11. September 2019
Newsflash (Smoke Blow, Raised Fist, Touché Amoré)
13. September 2019

Die Punkrocker von The Damned kündigen die Best-Of Black Is The Night (The Definitive Anthology) via BMG an. Erscheinen soll das gute Stück am 1. November 2019 als Doppel-CD und auf Vinyl. Enthalten sind 39 Stücke inklusive eines neuen Songs.

(c) BMG - The Damned - Black Is The Night (The Definitive Anthology)

(c) BMG – The Damned – Black Is The Night (The Definitive Anthology)

Phil Smee kommentiert die Zusammenarbeit mit der Band:
“I loved working with the band back in the 80’s and I like to think we came up with some iconic designs. Certainly I see the many Damned logos I came up with still used on t-shirts to this day. I’ve not cut corners with this new album, even setting all the sleeve copy by hand, which took me back to ‘The Black Album’ which I hand-lettered with a shaky pen. The Damned are a totally unique band, I’ve always loved everything they’ve done. I still get excited about every design project that comes along, but I was particularly pleased to be asked to work on The Damned’s ‘Black is the Night’ album.”

Black Is The Night“ Track-list

Love Song
Wait For The Black Out
I Just Can’t Be Happy Today
Bad Time For Bonzo
White Rabbit
Melody Lee
Smash It Up Pt 1 & 2
New Rose
Neat, Neat, Neat
Stretcher Case Baby
Sick Of Being Sick
Born To Kill
Rabid (Over You)
Problem Child
1 Of The 2
So Messed Up
Machine Gun Etiquette
Disco Man
Fan Club
Plan 9 Channel 7
Grimly Fiendish
The Shadow of Love
Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
Street Of Dreams
The History Of The World (Part 1)
Curtain Fall
Alone Again Or
Lively Arts
Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow
Stranger On The Town
Fun Factory
Under The Floor Again
Black Is The Night (Brand New Track)

The Damned are:

David Vanian – Vocals
Captain Sensible – Guitar
Monty Oxy Moron – Keyboard
Pinch – Drums
Paul Gray – Bass


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