Madeline Juno auf Tour 2024
Madeline Juno auf Tour 2024
26. März 2023
The Bouncing Souls veröffentlichen Musikvideo zu “Back To Better”
The Bouncing Souls veröffentlichen Musikvideo zu “Back To Better”
26. März 2023

Silverstein kündigt “Misery Made Me Deluxe an”, neuer Track “Poison Pill” draußen

© Silverstein - Misery Made Me Deluxe Artwork

© Silverstein - Misery Made Me Deluxe Artwork

Die kanadische Band Silverstein kündigte kürzlich das Release von “Misery Made Me Deluxe an” und veröffentlichte einen neuen Track namens “Poison Pill”. Der Longplayer wird am 7. April 2023 erscheinen. Es handelt sich dabei um eine Extended Version vom 2022er-Album. Das Video zum Song findet ihr weiter unten.

“Almost a year later, it’s super exciting to celebrate my favorite album we’ve ever made with some extra songs and alternate versions” teilt Frontmann Shane Told mit.“‘Poison Pill’ was one of my favorite songs from the Misery Made Me sessions, but I wasn’t sure it completely fit in with the rest of the album. But, it was so catchy, and had so many cool tones and textures we wanted to save it for this moment and really show a different emotion and feel from the rest of the album. The song inspired us to throwback to some of the music videos we grew up with, and it’s one of the most fun videos we’ve ever done. I think it captures the feel of the music perfectly”.

“Misery Made Me Deluxe” wird am 7. April via UNFD erscheinen. Veerschiedene Bundles enthalten Ergebnisse einer Kooperation mit dem Lifestyle-Brand The Pretty Cult. Das Ergebnis ist ein Silverstein Tarot-Deck, spezielles Merch, angepasst am Design des Decks, eine Kerze und eine Altar-Decke.

The Pretty Cult Eigner und Gründer Arielle Salsa sagt dazu: “I’m so excited for this opportunity to team up with Silverstein on this collection. I met Silverstein at their Misery Made Me album pop-up last May and saw they had tarot-inspired art for some of their merch. After connecting with them, it was clear that The Pretty Cult was the perfect fit to expand the concept as my brand revolves around tarot, the occult, and the practice of witchcraft. I thought we could expand on the idea by creating a collection complete with a tarot deck, guidebook, altar cloth and two unique Silverstein x The Pretty Cult tarot items. When creating this tarot deck and guidebook, I wanted to make sure it was as authentic as possible, as I am a practicing witch myself. I wanted to create a deck that was as inclusive to the avid tarot user as it was to a beginner. As Silverstein is a band that are self-managed and unafraid to constantly push boundaries and grow over their 20+ career, it was a nice fit with the practice of tarot as it’s less about a higher power and more about being your own master and creating your own path”.

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© Silverstein - Misery Made Me Deluxe Artwork
© Silverstein – Misery Made Me Deluxe Artwork


  1. Our Song
  2. Die Alone
  3. Ultraviolet
  4. Cold Blood
  5. It’s Over
  6. The Altar/Mary
  7. Slow Motion
  8. Don’t Wait Up
  9. Bankrupt
  10. Live Like This
  11. Misery
  12. Poison Pill
  13. Stitches
  14. Mary (Orchestral)
  15. Don’t Wait Up (Acoustic)
  16. Poison Pill (Acoustic)
  17. Bankrupt (Live in Toronto)
  18. It’s Over (Live in Toronto)
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