Wir waren Charlie von Luz
26. Oktober 2020
Missglückte Asimetrie von Ferris MC
28. Oktober 2020

Mit Hardcore Horseshoe hat die New Yorker Hardcore-Legende Sick Of It All den 4. Teil ihrer Quarantine Sessions veröffentlicht. Das Video gibt es dazu weiter unten.


Die Band kommentierte wie folgt: “This week’s track ‘Hardcore Horseshoe’ is from our latest album ‘Wake The Sleeping Dragon!’. The muscle bound riffs and tongue in cheek lyrics show the parities of growing older in the scene and male pattern baldness brought to you by Armand and definitely a band favorite on the album. Unfortunately we haven’t had the chance to play it live (yet) because as we were about to add it Covid hit. So here it is in all its quarantine glory!”

Sick Of It All – Hardcore Horseshoe

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