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Versengold neues Album erscheint heute – ein Video zu “Hey Hanna” ebenfalls
28. Januar 2022
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Example mit neuer Single “Never Let You Down”
28. Januar 2022

SCANDAL verschieben Nordamerika-Tour, neues Album und Jubiläum

SCANDAL verschieben Nordamerika-Tour, neues Album und Jubiläum

Nicht so interessant ist die Info, dass die aus Osaka, Japan, stammende Band SCANDAL ihre Tour in Nordamerika wegen der Pandemie verschieben muss. Das Statement mit weiteren Informationen dazu gibt es weiter unten. Ebenfalls darin enthalten ist die Info, dass die Band ihr 15-jähriges Jubiläum feiert und bald ihr zehntes Studioalbum “Mirror” am 26. Januar 2022 erschienen ist. Außerdem gibt es ein Video zum Stück und der neuen Single “Ai ni Narana Katta No Sa” (der Übersetzer sagt es heißt: “Ich habe es aus LIebe gekauft”).

Das Statement von SCANDAL lautet im Original: “Finally! We are coming to see you with our new album “MIRROR”!

It was very sad and painful for us to postpone our US tour due to the pandemic. However, even during this difficult time, we have received so many messages to our radio show and social media. We are very touched and saved by all your love. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts! Now is our turn to share our love and support you though our music! We are looking forward to seeing everyone – Let’s have amazing time together!

The band adds, „Our 10th album “MIRROR” was made during the pandemic and it was also our 15th anniversary year.

Like everyone else, it wasn’t easy for us to be apart from each other but we all had a chance to think about who we are as a band and as individuals.
We titled this album “MIRROR” because we feel it is a reflection of all of our different personalities and shows who SCANDAL has become.

Each of us wrote music, lyrics, and also sing main vocals, so each song has a different personality to allow listeners to enjoy different genres through our music.

Our lead track “AI Ni Narana Katta No Sa” is a sentimental love song and for the music video, we created a story based on lyrics so that you can feel just like you are living in the world of this song. Enjoy!”

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Oliver Lippert
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