Linkin' Park veröffentlichen "Lost"
Linkin‘ Park veröffentlichen „Lost“
7. Februar 2023
PLAIINS veröffentlichen Polidicks / Politicks
PLAIINS veröffentlichen Polidicks / Politicks
8. Februar 2023

Samiam kündigen neues Album “Stowaway”, neue Video-Single “Crystallized” an

© Samiam - STOWAWAY

© Samiam - STOWAWAY

Die kalifornischen Punk-Legende Samiam kündigte kürzlich ihr neues Studioalbum “Stowaway”, das erste seit zwölf Jahren, sowie eine neue Video-Single mit dem Titel “Crystallized” an. Erscheinen wird der Longplayer am 31. März 2023 via Pure Noise Records.

„If you’re lucky, you get this sort of sense when you’re in a band that you’re participating in something that’s important to other people,“ erklärt Gitarrist Sergie Loobkoff. „And I still get that with Samiam.“

© Samiam - STOWAWAY
© Samiam – STOWAWAY

Stowaway Tracklist:

  1. Lake Speed
  2. Crystallized
  3. Lights Out, Little Hustler
  4. Shoulda Stayed
  5. Shut Down
  6. Scout Knife
  7. Monterey Canyon
  8. Natural Disasters
  9. Stanley
  10. Highwire
  11. Something
  12. Stowaway

“A very slow accretion of pressure over many years led to the decision to make a new record,” erzählt Kennerly. “We had been lazily working on a few new songs here and there for years–as far back as 2014, when we tried and failed to record a little demo after Riot Fest. But Sergie and I just kept writing the beginnings of songs and sending them around to everyone, and suddenly one day about four years ago we were like, ‘This is enough for an album!’”

“We didn’t have any idea then what was happening, when it was going to be over or whether it was going to just kill everyone and destroy the world,” erinnert sich Kennerly. “It made the recording process take a ridiculously long time, even longer than the ridiculously long time that it was already taking.”

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Oliver Lippert
Oliver Lippert
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