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16. September 2017
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16. September 2017
(c) Cara Robbins - Lindsey Stirling

(c) Cara Robbins – Lindsey Stirling

Jetzt kommt es nach einer Ankündigung und einer Pledge-Kampagne, die erfolgreich war. Die Rede ist vom ersten Weihnachtsalbum von Lindsey Stirling, das den Titel Warmer In The Winter tragen wird. Auf Facebook heißt es:


„My FIRST EVER Christmas album, #WarmerInTheWinter is up for pre-order now! It features all of your Christmas favorites, a few original songs and even some guest singers including my friends in All Time Low, Sabrina Carpenter and maybe a couple singing surprises I can’t tell you about yet.

Below are some options to check it out and if you prefer streaming head over to Spotify now and you can hear „Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy“ now!“ (Quelle)

Als Gäste sind bisher All Time Low und Sabrina Carpenter dabei. Möglicherweise kommen noch weitere dazu, darüber kann Lindsey aber bisher noch nicht reden.

Besagten Song (Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy) gibt es weiter unten zu hören. Nachfolgend gibt es erstmal das Cover.

Lindsey Stirling - Warmer In The Winter

Lindsey Stirling – Warmer In The Winter

Via Pledgemusic.com rief Lindsey Stirling zur Unterstützung auf, ihre letzte öffentlich einsehbare Nachricht war

„Lindsey Stirling’s first Christmas Album!

Hello to my friends across the world. I am excited to officially announce that my Christmas album is finished and being printed as we speak! But I am so happy with how it all came together. Prepare yourself for a potpourri of different styles, sounds from all different sides of Christmas music. All of which is sprinkled with a good dose of lindsey pixie dust. If you don’t dance at least three times while listening to this album then you need to take off your Mr. Grinch panties cus this is dancing material for sure. Jk…. but seriously though. Almost the entire album was recorded with live instrumentation: a full orchestra and big band players. It’s big.

On second note, an album release just doesn’t seem right without being paired with a tour so…. you guessed it, we’ll be doing a full production Christmas tour. We’ll be touring the states November -December. I’ve got most of it planned and I can’t wait for you guys to see the 50 ft Chinese dragon pop out of the stage. Just kidding, there will be no dragons, but Elf’s, fairies, angels and ballerinas you got it. 

I’m beyond excited!!

See ya soon. -Lindsey“


Im Moment ist die Musikerin bei Dancing With the Stars dabei.


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