Blutengel mit neuer Videosingle "Tief"
Blutengel mit neuer Videosingle „Tief“
11. Januar 2023
Coppelius mit neuer Single “Rainmaker”
Coppelius mit neuer Single “Rainmaker”
12. Januar 2023

Death Pill veröffentlichen Debütalbum

© Death Pill - s/t Album Artwork

© Death Pill - s/t Album Artwork

Das ukrainische Riot-Grrrl-Trio namens Death Pill veröffentlicht am 24. Februar 2023 ihr selbstbetiteltes Debüt-Album via New Heavy Sounds. Die Single „Расцарапаю Ебало“ ist bereits samt Video online zu sehen und zu hören. Die Möglichkeit dazu besteht etwas weiter unten auf dieser Seite. Das Trio aus Kiew kombiniert verschiedene Musikstile und sind Labelkollegen von Shooting Daggers.

Was diese Veröffentlichung aus Gründen noch relevanter macht, ist die Tatsache, dass Mariana, Anastasiya und Nataliya aus der Ukraine stammen. Die aktuellen Probleme des Landes sind jedem bekannt, und haben natürlich auch die Band hart getroffen. DEATH PILL Sängerin/Gitarristin Mariana erzählt die Geschichte der Band und den Umgang mit der Situation in der Heimat:

“Just imagine: You are a 20-year-old girl. Society constantly puts pressure on you: you should find a nice husband, have children and at the same time build a successful career. But no one asks what do you really want? What are exactly your interests and ambitions? Because maybe you want to be a punk rock star?

Yes, I do and even against it all. I can create a female non-commercial band, play heavy high-quality music, and ignite the crowd. After all, rock is not only about brutal men with curly long hair, right?

Nafa (Anastasiya), the drummer, also got sick of this idea. Together we created an all-female punk rock band DEATH PILL (2017), just like we wanted to! There is a strong and super friendly community of people in Ukraine. It’s a big family of true music lovers, people who live by creating the Ukrainian underground scene. This is also how we met Nataliia our bass player. After our first practice with her, we realized that this is a real perfect match.

In February fucking Russia started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. It really changed our plans, dreams, and attitude.
Some do it with weapons in their hands, some volunteer and help in any way they can to bring our victory closer. Hard times, but right now we have a real chance to change lives for the better.

Victory will be ours; we are sure of it. We couldn’t have put it any better. So there is hope for sure, and as this album amply demonstrates, plenty of fighting spirit. It’s a killer debut. However, producing a ‘killer record’ under such extraordinary circumstances was a challenge too. Tracking started during Covid and was completed in late 2021, only three tracks were mixed before the war hit. However the band and their production team were able to somehow continue and finished everything including the artwork in 5 months whilst the Russian invasion rolled on. A testament to their drive and single mindedness.“

DEATH PILL sind: Mariana Navrotskaya, Gitarre und Leadgesang // Anastasiya Khomenko, Schlagzeug und Backing Vocals // Natalya Seryakova, Bass

© Death Pill - s/t Album Artwork
© Death Pill – s/t Album Artwork

Track listing
Side 1
Dirty Rotten Youth
Miss Revolt
Die for Vietnam
It’s a Joke
Side 2
Go Your Way
Kill the Traitors
Расцарапаю Ебало
Would You Marry Me

Schaut euch das Video zu „Расцарапаю Ебало“ hier an:

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