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17. Dezember 2020
© Nightwatchers - White Father
Französische Punkband Nightwatchers veröffentlichen “White Fathers”-Single
9. Juli 2021

Die niederländische Metal-Formation Cryptosis veröffentlicht ihr Video zu Prospect of Immortality. Es ist weiter unten zu sehen.

Cryptosis sagen dazu:

“Prospect of Immortality is a song in which we used an experimental approach of songwriting. In contrast to other material, this song is a lot more atmospheric and doesn’t make use of a clear verse/chorus structure.

The lyrics are written as a suicide note by a person who can no longer cope with the 24/7 surveillance and human experiments that she is being subjected too. The experiments and lost sense of reality has caused her to believe suicide is the only way out. Trapped inside a continuous cycle of endeavours, she is unable to succeed.

The song consists of 5 chapters, each representing a different part of her reality.“

Das Video:

Das vorherige Video zu Decypher könnt ihr euch ebenfalls hier anschauen:

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