Iron Maiden - Senjutsu (© Warner Music)
Iron Maiden kündigt neues Studio-Album “Senjutsu” an
20. Juli 2021
Coldplay - Music Of The Sphere Album (© WMG)
Coldplay kündigen ihr neues Album “Music Of The Spheres” an
21. Juli 2021

Die Pop-Punk-Combo Bite Me Bambi veröffentlichten kürzlich ein neues Cover von “Our Lips Are Sealed”, ursprünglich von den Go-Go’s.

Die Band sagt dazu: „We wanted a fun summer song and have always wanted to do a Go Go’s song. We had initially planned to do the song during covid, but it got lost in the shuffle of other tunes. Terry Hall from ska legends The Specials co wrote the song with Jane Wiedlan so we thought it would be a cool one to make into a Ska song. As it turned out, we ended up recording it pretty close to the 40 year anniversary of the release date of the original, and the induction of the Go Go’s to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so we thought it was Kismet. That is the yearbook answer…Okay the real answer is:…it was a awesome song to rollerskate to..“

Das Video von Bite Me Bambi zum Go-Go’s Song “Our Lips Are Sealed” gibt es hier zu sehen:

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