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28. März 2023
Underoath: James Smith verlässt die Band nach 20 Jahren
Underoath: James Smith verlässt die Band nach 20 Jahren
29. März 2023

Avalanche Effect: Drummer Jannick gestorben

Avalanche Effect: Drummer Jannick gestorben

Die Band Avalanche Effect hat kürzlich leider mitteilen müssen, dass ihr Drummer Jannick der aggressiven Krebsform erlegen ist und den tapferen Kampf gegen diese Krankheit verloren hat. Die Gruppe schreibt dazu:

„Today, we’ve had to say goodbye to Jannick, our brother, our friend and our drummer, a true inspiration to all of us. He fought hard until the very end, always trying to make sure that none of the people close to him would get hurt. We are beyond grateful for having known him and proud to have been a part of his journey. He will be dearly missed by his loving partner, family, friends, and by all past and present members of Avalanche Effect. Be safe wherever you are now, Jannick, we will always remember you! 🖤“

Auf der anderen Seite kann die Band auch vier neue Bandmitglieder begrüßen:

Avalanche Effect | 2023

A lot of new people – a lot to say. But first things first, please welcome Nils, Flo, Tom and Daniel. 🖤

Since mid 2021 Jannick is suffering from a very aggressive form of cancer. While fighting against this disease, he was still able to shoot three music videos, release our record “Katharsis” and play our record release show. But as this hard fight goes on, Jannick reaches some physical limits which make it difficult to practice nor play shows. As you might have noticed, Jannick works hard to get this project going, so we’ve decided together to look for a live drummer and we found one of the most supportive human beings ever. We are very greatful that Daniel is supporting us in so many ways, being so sensitive and patient. We do not take this for granted.

Next up, welcome to our new shouter Nils! Finding a proper successor to Gerrit was everything but easy, but we found the perfect fit! We already recorded new music with Nils, so stay tuned for that!

Last but not least: We’ve already announced that Flo and Tom have joined us on guitar and bass respectively, but now we got a photo to prove! 🤓

… and for those who just discovered our music and our band: welcome to the gang 🫶“

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Oliver Lippert
Oliver Lippert
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