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3. November 2022
Fjørt veröffentlichen neue Single "fernost"
Fjørt veröffentlichen neue Single „fernost“
4. November 2022

August Burns Red kündigen “Death Below”-Album an und neuer Song mit Jesse Leach

© Sharp Tone Records - August Burns Red - Death Below

© Sharp Tone Records - August Burns Red - Death Below

Am 24. März 2023 erscheint das neue Studioalbum “Death Below” von August Burns Red via SharpTone Records. Auch ein neues Video zum Song “Ancestry” featuring Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage) ist dabei und bei uns zu hören.

„It’s no secret that the past few years have been extremely dark and challenging“, erklärt Brubaker. „Death Below is here as a result of that time in each our lives and the emotions that came with it. We were motivated by uncertainty, fear, outrage, and triumph. I feel this is the darkest, most personal album we’ve ever written, and I couldnt be more proud of what the five of us made together“.

© Sharp Tone Records - August Burns Red - Death Below
© SharpTone Records – August Burns Red – Death Below

„DEATH BELOW“ Tracklist
The Cleansing
Ancestry (Feat. Jesse Leach)
Tightrope (Feat. Jason Richardson)
Fool’s Gold in the Bear Trap
Dark Divide
The Abyss (Feat. JT Cavey)
Reckoning (Feat. Spencer Chamberlain)

„‚Ancestry‘ is a complex and technical ABR track held together by perhaps the most painful and personal lyrics Jake has ever written“, sagt Brubaker dazu. „I loved this song in every phase since its inception. From the instrumental rendition, to the lyrics and vocals being added, to finally bringing it all together with Jesse’s anthemic guest vocals, ‚Ancestry‘ is a song we’ve been looking forward to sharing with the world for a long time“.

„Ancestry“ mit Jesse Leach ist hier zu hören:

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