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12. September 2017
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12. September 2017
(c) Ester Segarra - At The Gates

(c) Ester Segarra – At The Gates

Die schwedischen Melodic-Death-Metal-Pioniere At The Gates haben ihren neuen Gitarristen bekannt gegeben. Außerdem ist die Band in den letzten Zügen für ihr kommendes Album und dem Nachfolger von dem 2014er-Werk At War With Reality.

Nach dem der Mitgründer und Gitarrist Anders Björler in März ausgestiegen ist, kann die Band nun auch einen Ersatz verkünden sowie ein Studio-Update geben.

„We have finally decided on a new guitar player, and we are ready to rip again! Actually he was our first choice, and we are happy to have him on board. Jonas Stålhammar has been a friend since the late eighties (Tomas used to tape trade with him back then!), and our paths have crossed many times during our careers.

We were looking for someone who had the same reference points as we do, someone from the same path, so to say, who understand the greatness of both Autopsy and King Crimson. Of course it was essential that our new member could fill the shoes of Anders‘ performance-wise as well, but that was never an issue with Jonas. We were looking for someone with a deep understanding of what At The Gates are about, someone who could contribute creatively to the band.

Jonas Stålhammar will be a full member from day one, and will play on the upcoming full length album, scheduled for recording in November 2017 – January 2018.

We currently have 11 songs ready for said album, and are more inspired than perhaps ever before. You can expect a full-on At The Gates record with all the classic elements of the band. It is by far the most comprehensive album of the band to date, and will span all the way across the different elements of the band’s sound.

We are super-excited for 2018. It will be a good year for At The Gates, and our fans, for sure.”

AT THE GATES 2017 bestehen aus:
(From left to right on photo)
Adrian Erlandsson – Drums
Jonas Björler – Bass
Tomas Lindberg – Vocals
Jonas Stålhammar – Guitar
Martin Larsson – Guitar

(c) Ester Segarra -Jonas Stålhammar

(c) Ester Segarra -Jonas Stålhammar

Jonas Stålhammar – auf dem Einzelfoto oben – ist aktuell Mitglied bei den Bands The Lurking Fear, das aktuelle Album haben wir hier besprochen, Crippled Black Phoenix, Bombs of Hades and God Macabre. Er hat vorher bei Abhoth, Utumno und Macabre End gespielt.

At The Gates – Live 2018
02.-04.03.2018 Tilburg (The Netherlands) – Netherlands Deathfest
13.-15.07.2018 Gävle (Sweden) – Gefle Metal Fest

Das aktuelle At The Gates-Album At War With Reality erschien Ende 2014 via Century Media Records und war das erste neue Studioalbum seit 19 Jahren. In Schweden landete es auf Platz3 in den Charts, in Deutschland auf 25, in den USA auf 53, in Finnland auf 15, Österreich auf 39, Schweiz 51, UK auf 132, UK Rock Charts auf 13, in Frankreich auf 119 und in Japan Oricon International auf der 17.

Für einige Songs von At War With Reality gibt es hier die Videos.

Feel free to to re-visit the various video clips produced for “At War With Reality”:
“Death And The Labyrinth”:

“Heroes And Tombs”:

“The Book Of Sand (The Abomination)”:

“The Night Eternal”:

“The Circular Ruins”:


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