Ben Aaronovitch – Der Geist in der British Library und andere Geschichten aus dem Folly (© dtv)
Ben Aaronovitch – Der Geist in der British Library und andere Geschichten aus dem Folly Buchkritik
6. April 2021
Sperling Bandfoto (vrnl. Josh, Jojo, Luca, Malte, Max) – © Simon von der Gathen
Interview mit Malte (Sperling)
11. April 2021

AFI teilen zwei neue Tracks

AFI – Bodies (© Rise Records)

AFI – Bodies (© Rise Records)

AFI haben die beiden Stücke “Dulceria” und “Far Too Near” vom kommenden neuen Studioalbum “Bodies” veröffentlicht. Der Longplayer wird am 11. Juni 2021 via Rise Records erscheinen. “Dulceria” wurde von Billy Corgan, The Smashing Pumpkins, mitgeschrieben. Beide Stücke erscheinen als limitierte Seven-Inch. Die beiden Videos gibt es weiter unten zu sehen. Zu “Dulceria” äußern sich Sänger Davey Havok und Gitarrist Jade Puget wie folgt:

AFI – Dulcería + Far Too Near (© Rise Records)
AFI – Dulcería + Far Too Near (© Rise Records)

“’Dulcería’ suggests, if you spend too much time in the candy store you may end up stuck to the floor”Sänger Davey Havok
“Billy and I have a great creative connection when we’re writing together. It was inspiring to work with such a talented and legendary songwriter and ‘Dulcería’ is a testament to that.“Gitarrist Jade Puget
Das Album “Bodies” wurde von Jade Puget produziert, abgemischt von Tony Hoffer (M83, Phoenix, Silversun Pickups) und von Vlado Meller (Oasis, Pink Floyd) gemastert.

Zum Album sagen einige Bandmitglieder folgendes:

“AFI is such an integral part of who I am. What we do with AFI together is a foundation for me. Coming back is a return to a home I’ve always known.”Frontmann Davey Havok
It’s a sentiment shared by the entire band. “I couldn’t do what I do in AFI in any other place. Davey and I have written songs together for over 20 years now. I couldn’t find the thing he and I have together anywhere else, nor the thing the four of us have when we come together. AFI is home for me and will always be that.”Gitarrist Jade Puget
“At this point, it’s not even a choice. It’s just what I do. I started this band with Davey when I was 16. It’s something that I love so much. It’s just a part of me.”Drummer Adam Carson
“Every album is an opportunity to show people a snapshot of our evolution. And with this band, it’s always something fresh. We’ve been playing together for so long that I have a deep understanding of each of my bandmates‘ musical styles, and yet I am still pleasantly surprised by the new things they bring to each record.”Bassist Hunter Burgan
Die Tracklist sowie das Album-Cover folgen nun:

AFI – Bodies (© Rise Records)
AFI – Bodies (© Rise Records)

Twisted Tongues
Far Too Near
On Your Back
Escape From Los Angeles
Begging For Trouble
Back From The Flesh
Looking Tragic
Death Of The Party
No Eyes
Tied To A Tree

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