Mera Luna 2020 - Bandwelle 2
Mera Luna Festival 2020 – Bandwelle 2
22. November 2019
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23. November 2019

Vlad In Tears – Dead Stories Single Track By Track

Vlad In Tears – Dead Stories Single Track By Track

Zur den bisherigen drei Singles hat sich die Band Vlad In Tears bereit erklärt, die einzelne Stücke mit Worten zu beschreiben. Daher gibt es vorm Album-Release zu Dead Stories of Forsaken Lovers der italienischen Band, die aber in Berlin lebt, ein Track By Track und damit einen exklusiven Einblick in das kommende Album, was die Fans erwarten können. Aber lest selbst.


Born Again is a song about rebirth. After a long and deep breath, we wanted to come back with a new album, full of the darkest and romantic songs ever written, all made in our pure dark rock style, and this song is one of the most representing of the whole album, even though the slow songs will totally blow your mind! It has been a huge pleasure and honor to work with Lex from Megaherz, he’s been a great support and together with Kris, we created a perfect match! Born Again is an idea of what our fans will get when buying our new album DEAD STORIES OF FORSAKEN LOVERS.

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DEAD is coming up with a topic we are all used to: When love dies. Everytime we lose somebody we love, there is a part of us which dies with them. And after that, we will never be the same again. Putting all these feelings – grief, pain, anger, relief – perfectly into pictures, the single DEAD will come with a video made by Ronny Zeisberg. It’s something nobody expected. It’s powerful, emotional and bloody. It will shake you to the core.


“I’m the man in the box, buried in my shit, won’t you come and save me, save me…” – The first part of the song contains all the meaning of the song. We are angry, left alone, we are in a cage and full of stereotypes but in the end we win. That’s why we – Vlad In Tears – decided to perfom this cover, in the end we are all children of the same mother, pissed off but no matter what – we always win.

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Oliver Lippert
Oliver Lippert
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