Zur Sonne – Zur Freiheit von Down Below CD Kritik
Zur Sonne – Zur Freiheit von Down Below CD Kritik
13. Mai 2019
Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres Tour 2019
Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres Tour 2019
14. Mai 2019

The Baboon Show im Interview

The Baboon Show im Interview

Cecilia von der schwedischen (Punk)Rock-Band The Baboon Show beantwortet einige Fragen zur Band, zur Musik, Radio Rebelde, der Lage in Schweden, Bandinterna – die ich entweder falsch interpretiert habe, schlecht recherchiert oder falsch in Erinnerung habe. Keine Ahnung. Außerdem wusste ich nicht mit wem ich das Interview führen werde. Sorgte aber wenigstens für ein wenig Amüsiertheit bei der sympathischen Sängerin. Es ist dennoch lesenswert. Nicht zwingend wegen meiner Fehler, sondern wegen der interessanten Antworten.

Hi & how are you? Can you please introduce yourself and the band for the readers who don‘t now The Baboon Show (yet).

Hi! I’m good thank you! Feeling a little bit like a big tired seal thou since I’m supposed to give birth in only a couple of days. But other than that I’m peachy :-). I’m Cecilia and I’m the singer of The Baboon Show. Me and my band delivers high energetic rock music with a punk rock attitude. And we’re fierce! Hahaha :-). Except for me The Baboon Show contains of my grrrl the bass maniac Frida, guitar heron Håkan and Niclas who’s steady as a rock – on drums. So we’re kind of like a punk version of ABBA. Hahaha!

For the release of People’s Republic Of The Baboon Show Formerly Known As Sweden you did some interviews and once said, that Sweden was (at the time of the interview) the most deregulated country in the world. Investors were buying and buying. That interview is 5-6 years ago. How did Sweden changed since then and how did the band change?

Oh…. A lot of things changed. And not for the better.! For example the Swedish democrats – the racist party in sweden – is according to numbers the second (!) biggest party in Sweden. Lots of schools and health care has been sold out and the socialist society a la Olof Palme, which is somewhat of a trademark for Sweden and something we’re “famous” for around the globe, does no longer exist. Our society today is all about wealth and me, myself and I. It sad to see it and it’s not the kind of society I wish for my children to grow up in. So there has to be a change!
Since that interview also a lot changed within the band. First of all we got a new bass player – Frida. And a bunch of children was added to The Baboon Show family. Also we started to tour more and more in Spain. And our sound got a little bit slower and heavier. Although still energetic and aggressive.

In the same interview you also said, you‘d like to be asked about The Beatles, because you don‘t like them. So, here‘s the question you wished for: What do you think about The Beatles and why?

Haha. I guess I didn’t say that, did I? Cause I like The Beatles. It’s not something I listen to that often but there music reminds me of my father, so when I think about him I often listen to The Beatles. Or Mike Oldfield.

What do you think about ABBA and why?

ABBA are super! Very catch songs and the melodies are great! I guess ABBA is somehow a part of the Swedish soul, and even if it’s not the kind of music you would usually listen to, there’s no denying all the great classic songs and evergreens they released. Much respect!

You also postpone the planned tour. And it‘s a good reason, can you please explain why?

Håkan and his wife had a new baby in March and I’m just about to have a new baby. That’s the reason we postponed the tour.

Cecilia and Håkan as a couple. How does it work in the band? Does it make things more easier or more complicated?

Hahaha! Håkan and I are not a couple and never was. Where did you get that information? Hahaha. Within the band we are like family – but we are not lovers – we are like brothers and sisters. I was never in a band with a couple, but to me it sounds like a very bad idea to take your love life and put it in your band. I mean, as a band you get very close to one another and pretty much everything you do or feel effects the others. Which is both good and bad. But to to add love fights etc to this….. No thanx!

Did the rightwing also change in Sweden during the last years? How do you feel about it? And can / should a musician try to influence the fans for the good way? What should be the first few steps to change?

Yes it did and I hate it! Also I’m afraid about it. Cause all of a sudden it’s okay to go around being a hater and to have both racist an fascist ideas. And to me that’s totally fucked up. I/we are musicians, not politicians, but even so I think it’s important to speak out your point of view. And if you can inspire others to do good, of course you should take that chance! And we can all do something. We can help people in need in many different kind of ways; giving clothes, toys, food and money for example. Join a “community” where you meet immigrants, arrange sport activities, be an “available” citizen, arrange demonstrations, start crowd fonds g etc. etc. Really, there’s something we all can do. And even if it seams to be a little, all the little things will contribute to the bigger picture.

How do you avoid to give up? What keeps you up and running, somehow?

We love to play music and we love to play live. To meet our fans and get to sweat and sing together with them are just awesome! And that also makes me confident we can do something to change the world. Cause in these shows there are so much love and willingness to do so. Really, The Baboon Show has the best fans in the world and we love you all!

As mentioned the tour is postponed for a good reason. Could you please tell us about the current record and what your future plans are?

We are very happy with our latest album Radio Rebelde, and it was well recieved by our listeners and fans, both old and new ones. Yes! And we had a great time and a lots of fun touring and playing the new songs live. And we’re very excited for the summer festivals and the second leg of the tour in September. Can’t wait to hit that stage again! But first thing first :-). Next up for us after the September tour is to start to rehears and write new songs for our next album. And then hit the studio. Also gonna be great and lots of fun!

Thanks for the interview.

Thank you!

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