Bad Religion veröffentlichen Faith Alone 2020
6. August 2020
Fanni Mayer Track By Track
Fanni Mayer Track By Track
7. August 2020

Stone Sea – Mankind Maze Track By Track

Stone Sea - Mankind Maze Track By Track

Zum 2019er-Release Mankind Maze von der Band Stone Sea gibt es hier ein Track By Track in dem die Band zu den einzelnen Stücken etwas geschrieben hat.

01 Mystify – In the midst of the chaos we live in Mystify comes as the anthem of triumph among the problems of our surroundings. Learning how to accept reality the way it is and taking complete control of it is what the song is about.

02 Flow Upstream – We are all in search for acception and attention and social media is the way most people think they can express themseves and find their own “tribe”, though in the search of trying to be someone people often find themselves getting further and further from that they actually are. Flow Upstream talks about making up your own self-steem.

03 Prelude – In search for peace of mind and a light heart, Prelude is the song that flerts with freedom and optimism, leaving the past behind and looking to the future with a fresh perspective though being completely in the present, as present is the only reality. Something isn’t right with it though…

04 Seeing Red – Reaching the peak of rage in the album Seeing Red is about being blind of hate, losing the sense of what is right or wrong just acting by its own instinct, filled with hostility.

05 Dream Song – Describes a full dream starting from the first thoughts and images that crosses our minds before sleeping going through the full lysergic experience of meeting the desease, falling into the spiral of time, greeting fears, becoming a star until… you wake up…

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Oliver Lippert
Oliver Lippert
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