Dem Tod auf der Spur von Michael Tsokos
Dem Tod auf der Spur von Michael Tsokos
12. Juni 2019
Rock am Ring 2019: Atreyu
Rock am Ring 2019: Atreyu
12. Juni 2019

Siamese – Super Human Track By Track

Siamese – Super Human Track By Track

Das Track By Track zum Album Super Human von der dänischen Band Siamese wurde von Mirza Radonjica-Bang geschrieben. Hier werden alle Track vom Album beschrieben, wie sie zustande kamen, was der Einfluss ist und vieles mehr. Unsere Review zum Album gibt es hier zu lesen.


The album opener was actually written for the Shameless album. At least the starting riff was. But ultimately we were never satisfied with anything but the riff. We left it alone for two years before absolutely nailing it. One of my favourite tracks on the album for sure. Lyrically it‘s a close cousin to that Offspring song that goes like this: MY FRIEND HAS A GIRLFRIEND AND HE HATES THAT BITCH. Well this is that guy still having the same issues.

Ocean Bed

My favourite track on the album. No contest. This song is written after talking to a guy
at one of our shows one late night. It‘s sad that people who are sick mentally have to
be, or are forced to focus so much on getting better quickly. Not so much for them to
get better, but so they can stop being a problem for their friends and family. That’s
really sad. Ocean Bed is by far one of the saddest songs I’ve ever written.

Super Human

Title track. It’s a more personal one for me. It’s about realizing that you are normal.
No matter what you do. And that’s fair man. I am privileged and get to travel, play
music and do what I love, but to say that triviality will not prevail, by the end of the
day is a lie. Opening up about being normal and that stardom is much more an
illusion than a dream is the message here. Finally a massive shout out to our friend
Olivio COMPLETELY nails those verses. Migos and Drake can sit down now.


Highly unlikely that the lyrics in this song survived. Andreas absolutely hates protest,
war, system critical lyrics. But I convinced him somehow. I’m a refuge from the
Bosnian War. This song is about the atrocities that went down during the war, and a
massive respect to the Bosnian people that rose from a very difficult situation. Bonus
info: This was the first song we made after the release of Shameless.

You’re Not Alone

We fought ALOT with this song. We just couldn’t make it work. Something with the
verses that I could not wrap my head around, and then the chorus got changed
maybe like four times. This was one hard labor. But it ended being Andreas favourite
track. It’s totally not like us to go back to a track so many times. Most of the time, the
first impression is the best. But nothing in life is certain. This is the song we did not
know we needed in our lives.

Give Me Up

I’ve been wanting to do a heavy song over the reggaeton beat for a couple of years.
This is the first time it succeeded. I do not why but writing this song was by far the
easiest. The rhythmics of the reggaeton is something that gives me melodi ideas like
nothing else. I seriously think we did this whole song in two hours. Also watch that
guitar part in the choruses/verses. It’s seriously weird. It’s actually played a bit of, and
“wrong”. We tried fixing it, but when we did it “correct”, it didn’t flow as well as the
guitar that was played “wrong”. So now you know that it’s impossible to replicate live!
Haha! It’s a one of take that we were not able to reproduce.

Party Monster

Some people still believe that this is an original Siamese song. I do not know how I
feel about that. Anyways it’s a fun cover, and we love to do these. We will also do
alot more in the future. So watch out Our Last Night.


Unified is my journey from Yugoslavia in 1992. It’s also a quick remark that we stand
divided as long as we do not accept the world as a whole. The famous “either you are
with us or against us” is what I make a dig at. It’s also a song about being different, in
which way that may be”. Oh and if you haven’t been living under a musical rock, you
will notice one (of many on this record) homage to Led Zeppelin. Other artists involve
Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake and Linkin Park.

Not Coming Home

Probably the heaviest track, and there is screaming on it (wuuut). We haven’t done
that in a couple of years. Feels good man. Feeeeels good. The mainriff of this album
is 7 years old. That’s crazy. We have been playing it live many times as an intro,
interlude and even as outtro. Finally it materialized in a track. It’s defo as big
singalong tune, and by far the most fun track to play live.

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