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(c) Tallee Savage - Sabaton

(c) Tallee Savage – Sabaton

Pär Sundström wird in der Info zum neuen Sabaton-Album The Great War mit folgenden Worten zitiert: „Der Titel unseres neuen Magnum Opus ist The Great War und auf seiner musikalischen und lyrischen Reise tauchen wir ein in die düstere und blutige Atmosphäre des Ersten Weltkriegs. Dieser wahnsinnige Krieg hat die gesamte Welt in der Zeit zwischen 1914 und 1918 erschüttert und hatte verheerende Konsequenzen, die auch heute noch spürbar sind. Ursprünglich war der Erste Weltkrieg dafür gedacht, alle Kriege für immer zu beenden. Nun, heutzutage wissen wir leider, das das nicht der Fall war…“ Und Joakim Brodén sagt dort: „Ein verdammt beeindruckendes Sabaton Album zu komponieren, das in der Welt der harten Musik Geschichte schreiben wird“. Das und mehr hat uns neugierig gemacht und wir haben dem sympathischen Frontmann zum neuen Album, das im Sommer erscheinen wird, einige Fragen gestellt.

Hi, congrats for the new record. How do you feel in these days and about the process of releasing a record?

Hello and thanks!
As usual I’m happy that it’s done and looking forward to getting back in the tour bus again.
Since it’s so long since we finished the recording I just wanna release it now and get it over with, I really don’t like the waiting process, I just want to find out what our fans think of the album!

With the announcement of The Great War you also release Bismarck. A new song, with a video but not included on the record. I guess that‘s because of the concept. Can you tell me something about the song, why you put it out and the cooperation for the video?

Since we’re celebrating 20 years of Sabaton this year we decided to do something special as a thank you to our fans for ”20 years of service”.
We didn’t feel like releasing a box or a ”best of” compilation, but we preferred to look forward towards 20 more years instead, so we wrote a song about the most requested topic from our fans, the battleship Bismarck.
Since we have a cooperation with the guys from Wargaming, we thought they might be able to help us out with the video since they also have a game called ”World of Warships”.
They went even further and that video would never have been as good as it turned out without their help.

The war started with something called the July crisis among other things. What aspect/s found their way on the new record and why?

We managed to find both a few totally unexpected topics, but of course there are also ”must have” and obvious stories like ”The Red Baron”.
In the end it’s the music and stories that choose each other and it feels like on every album we have to abandon 10 stories for every song we make.
My favorite story featured on this album might just be the story of the sniper Francis Pegahmagabow that we sing about in the song ”A Ghost in the Trenches”

From which perspective did you wrote the new songs?

Different perspective for every song.
Sometimes it’s nice to get in nice and personal, and sometimes it’s the other way around.
We don’t pass any judgement when we write our songs and don’t choose between right or wrong, we just tell the stories as they happened and sometimes from an unexpected point of view.

What‘s also part of the concept? What aspects of The Great War did you choose and why?

Another example would be the song ”The Future of Warfare” that kicks off the album in a little bit of a different way musically, but from a lyrical standpoint it’s very familiar territory: Tanks.

I guess it‘s not really possible to create a record and include everything. What did you left out although you think it is worth writing about?

Oh yes, how could we cover 4 years of conflict in around 40 minutes of Heavy Metal?
It’s not possible, so as I explained earlier, it’s up to the music to decide in the end, but before we entered the studio I was pretty much convinced that we would have a song about ”Harlem Hellfighters”, but it didn’t happen I’m afraid.

(c) Nuclear Blast - Sabaton The Great War

(c) Nuclear Blast – Sabaton The Great War

How do you get depth in the song even so the topic is very complex?

We can’t really go into depth in a 3-5 minute long metal song, we do however look quite deeply in to the subject when we are doing the research for the song.
A heavy metal song by Sabaton can’t be the ”end destination” for anyone’s historical education if you know what I mean, but we might be at the beginning of that journey.

You visited Verdun. How do you feel about it?

It’s always a weird mix of feelings when we visit the sites or battlefields that we sing about.
In one way I’m glad to visit, at the same time I wish I’d never have to see another battlefield again.

You also created a Sabaton history channel on Youtube. Will you ‚only‘ feature topics coming since the creation of the channel or will you add (more) explainations of former records, songs and topics?

The dream is to be able to cover every Sabaton song about military history, however, that depends if people like it and if we can get enough subscribers on youtube, support through Patreon etc.

Will there be a record about historical events only from Scandinavia and / or Fennoscandia and what events would you include?

That is and will remain a secret for now ;)

Thanks for the interview. Any last words can be added here. Also, video links or channel links, whatever you like.

Thanks yourself!
& Thanks to all our fans for 20 years of service, let’s do another 20!!!!


Oliver Lippert
Oliver Lippert
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