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7. August 2020
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7. August 2020

Fanni Mayer Track By Track

This Track by Track special is unique in different ways. Maybe one of a kind: it’s about an untitled EP yet to be released by Fanni Mayer. Have a look and read, see, if it works – for you. It’s still quite interesting. The release date isn’t set yet and there’s no artwork. But read what the artist has to say.

The story of my upcoming EP started at HOTS (Hungarian Oncoming Tunes), a music business mentoring conference held in Hungary, where I met The Animal Farm, my producers and label, and we formulated the idea of me going to London to work with them. The biggest takeaway from the conference for me was that no matter where we come from, how successful we are, we all have struggles, ups and downs and we’re in the same boat. In a world where social media gives you the „perfect“ image of „perfect“ lives it was refreshing to be open about what we’re really going through.

What really matters is what you’ve got, what you can offer and where you’re heading. You can come from anywhere if what you do touches people. The fact that I’m Hungarian is an extra value – this is how I see it. Of course there are physical/geographical boundaries but that is exactly why I wanted to work with a London based record label and publishing company to help me overcome these boundaries and at some point I would like to move there too as London is one of the centres of pop music. But Budapest is also a great place to make music – there are many emerging, internationally acknowledged musicians here. Just to mention a few: The Qualitons, Mörk, Babé Sila.
And let’s not forget our greatests: Bartók, Kodály, Liszt, Seress Rezső (who doesn’t know ‚Gloomy Sunday‘ ?!), Márta Sebestyén – our famous folk singer who is mostly known the soundtrack of the movie ‚The English Patient‘. Furthermore, we have the band Omega whose famous song ‚Pearls in Her Hair‘ was sampled in one of Kanye West’s songs ‚New Slaves‘.

Coming to London was challenging but I love challenges and as it turned out I could pull through in any situation. The most challenging thing was that I stayed in an Inn where we were 8 people in one room and there was no chance to sleep. I sang 7-8 hours a day for 6 days without any sleep. One day my voice was gone, that was tough but I pulled through. Got some rest, went to TATE modern for some inspiration and soul food and got a proper English burger which literally saved my life – no joke it was the most delicious burger I’ve ever had!

Creative work was superb with The Animal Farm, we had so much fun and thank God we’ve got great chemistry, you cannot work without that.

The hardest was that after my first single (Grace N Dirt) came out from my upcoming EP my dog passed away. He was my brother. This kind of unconditional love is rare and actually unexplainable. I had to pause everything and took a little time out. Luckily The Animal Farm were understanding and kind. With a little help from my friends and loved ones I got up and kept going.

My music is about how I feel. The music business needs to put more control in the artists‘ hands. Having more faith in the artists. No more sexism, ageism, racism. Less mansplaining, less obsession with the „perfect“ look especially when it comes to women. Less of telling women what to do with their bodies, how to look and how to act. More realness, more credit and royalty for the actual writers and makers of the songs. More women in music!

That’s what these songs are about from start to finish.

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Oliver Lippert
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