Swiss & die Andern - Randalieren für die Liebe CD Kritik
Swiss & die Andern – Randalieren für die Liebe CD Kritik
14. September 2018
8. Filmfest homochrom in Köln und Dortmund – kostenlos
8. Filmfest homochrom in Köln und Dortmund – kostenlos
15. September 2018

Blind Channel – Blood Brothers Track By Track

Blind Channel – Blood Brothers Track By Track

Die Band Blind Channel hat zum aktuellen Album etwas geschrieben. In dem Blood Brothers Track By Track Special erklärt die Band ihre einzelnen Stücke vom Longplayer und erzählt die Intention dahinter, veröffentlicht feine Details und Informationen.

1) Trigger

Trigger is a kickstarter, one of the most powerful songs by us, a perfect opening track. There’s even a guitar solo battle which is something we’ve never done before. We made the first version of the song in a jacuzzi party, back in summer 2017.

2) Sharks Love Blood

Sharks Love Blood is a love song. It’s about love and insanity. It introduces a new side to Blind Channel. Something very fresh and new for us. We love the indie vibes on this one. We’ve loved it Since Niko played us the first demo of this song.

3) Wolfpack

Wolfpack is the anthem of our sound in 2018.
It’s probably the most compact song in the album. It’s about brotherhood and friendship, which are the main themes of the Blood Brothers album.

4) Elephant In the Room

If you liked the last album your gonna love this one.

It’s a perfect Blind Channel song because it has EVERYTHING.

We built the song around this stoner guitar riff and a rap hook. NC’s lil’ bro Spaz did a great feat on this one. He’s got the flow alright right?

5) out of town

We’ve called this a banger.
The chorus just blew us away when we played it for the first time. It combines the best elements of modern pop and modern rock. We’ve been touring a lot and the song’s about the good things and the bad things you experience on the road.

6) My Heart is a hurricane

It’s the most sensitive song on the album. It’s about sacrifices. Like you have this band that’s gonna take all your time and money and it can be pretty hard to your friends and family and everyone around you.

7) Giants

This was The last song we made for the album. It’s huge and motivating, something you wanna listen before an ice hockey match – we’re Finns and we love ice hockey haha! Niko had the lyrics in his phone for year or something.

8) Like a brother

This is The heaviest track on the album. It’s something like ”Drake goes metalcore”. We wanted it to sound gangsta in a new refreshing way, so we added this autotune effect to the vocals. It was really fun. The lyrics are
about betrayal. The funny thing is that your enemies can never betray you – only your friends can.

9) Alone Against All

Alone Against All was supposed to be a standalone single, but we loved the song so much so we added it to the album.
It’s a very energetic anthem with a sing-along chorus. It’s about the world and the state it’s in. Everything just fucking falling apart.

10) Scream

Scream is a tribute to Chester Bennington. We paid our respects when we covered the Linkin Park song Numb, but even after that we still felt like we had a lot to say. The song is kinda easy-going, but the lyrics and the atmosphere are heavy and heartbreaking.

11) I.D.F.U

This is The last song on the album, I.D.F.U is a reminder that when it comes to music we can do what ever the fuck we want. It’s a total
violent pop chaos. We call it
The wild card of the album. The lyrics are something you wanna scream to a bully or some other person who’s constantly trying to bring you down.

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