20. Juli 2020
Lost Tapes 2 von Sondaschule CD Kritik
Lost Tapes 2 von Sondaschule CD Kritik
22. Juli 2020

Bison Face – Ladybird – Track By Track

Bison Face - Ladybird - Track By Track

Die Band Bison Face hat zu ihrer Single Ladybird ein exklusives Track By Track geschrieben und auch eine Band-Bio. Letzteres pack ich einfach mal mit rein, damit es ein bisschen mehr Text ist als nur für diesen einen Track. Ansonsten wünsche ich viel Spaß beim Lesen.

Band Bio
Formed by singer/guitarist Ernie Hill at the beginning of 2019, Bison Face are a four piece alternative rock band hailing from St Albans, England. The lineup is completed by guitarist Alex Bowden, drummer Jonny Bennett and bassist Arthur Sawyer.
Drawing influence from Pixies, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age and My Bloody Valentine to name a few, the band’s debut single “Ladybird” was released on March 13th 2020 to an overwhelmingly positive response.
Following a slew of live dates at the tail end of 2019, culminating in a support slot with Irish grunge heroes Fangclub, the band are currently finishing their debut EP which is set for an autumn release and supporting tour…

Ladybird – Single (2020)
Ernie (Vocals/Guitars/Songwriter): Ladybird started as just that descending lead part that peppers throughout the track; In my head it always had that “strut”, so the offbeats and slower tempo grew out of that. It was the first track that was fully written for the whole project, I think I sent Alex (Bowden, Guitar) the demo along with Heathers in March ’19. It felt like a combination of all our elements at the time, it has bombast but it’s fundamentally a rock song.
Lyrically it’s about inner turmoil, dealing with that voice that makes you second guess yourself or puts you down and ultimately overcoming that. It’s veiled behind a bit of poetry I guess, but the crux of that message is allowing yourself to get out your own head. It’s a special song for us, we recorded it way back and it was our first track to release, it felt like a perfect opening statement if you will. The EP we’re working on now has evolved from there, but it will always be one closest to our hearts. We used to open all our shows with it. Funnily enough it almost didn’t get released, we sat on it for so long I almost fell out of love with it. Glad I didn’t!

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Oliver Lippert
Oliver Lippert
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